“The need to eat does not justify prostitution in art”

Luis Bunuel

Dr.Feelgroove is a Bulgarian DJ and producer. He has produced and remixed over a thousand DJ sets for various Bulgarian radio and TV media, along with a few signature projects with popular Bulgarian musicians and singers, such as Maria Ilieva, Lora Hristova, Seagullboy (Vasil Rusev), Vladimir Mitin, Bogdana Mitova, Karshana, Valchan Valchanov (Chani), Elixir Night, etc. A Sofia native, Dr.Feelgroove has participated in events around Europe, headlining in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Netherlands). More recently appearing in famous clubs around Bulgaria, such as Culture Beat, Blender, Yalta, Cacao Beach, Micro, etc. At the moment Dr.Feelgroove runs his own live stream on TWITCH.TV – ‘Let The Music Speak’, that runs live on air every Tuesday at 21:00 (19:00 GMT). Also a series of live events under the same brand. Dr.Feelgroove is involved with some of the leading clothing brands in Bulgaria, such as Puma, Rollmann Fashion, etc., which are featured as sponsorship for some of the live events. For prior projects he has worked with worldwide brands such as Nestle and others.
Kiril Bakardjiev (a.k.a. Dr.Feelgroove) is born in Sofia and starts mixing music in the beginning of 1993. Soon after that it turns into a profession and he starts introducing his sets under the name DJ Kircho (becoming famous and used until 2006) in popular central clubs at this time such as: ‘Escalibur’, ‘Yalta’, ‘Aliby’, ‘Indigo’, ‘Argo’, ‘Comics’, etc. In the late 90-ties Dr.Feelgroove works with Bulgarian artists and fellow DJ Rady and the ‘Metropolis’ movement, and along with it traces the route of the electronic and the club music in Bulgaria. From 2002 to 2005 he hosts his own broadcast ‘Fresh Mix’ on the popular Bulgarian radio station FRESH. At the end of 2009 Dr.Feelgroove accepted a new challenge and became part of team that stands behind the idea and creation of Culture Beat club. This proved Dr.Feelgroove once again as an innovator and made him the first Bulgarian DJ and producer, who managed to realize his ideas in this direction too.
Dr.Feelgroove’s radio broadcasts continue on the most popular electronic music radio station ‘Radio NOVA’ under the name ‘6 in the mix’, later during 2010-2023 rebranded as ‘Let’s Be Close’. In order to shorten the distance between audience, music and artist, during 2011-2012 Kiril Bakardjiev broadcasted live from popular night clubs – Culture Beat, Yalta, as well as some other unusual locations to win the audience’s interest and sympathy. From the end of 2012 till 2016 Dr.Feelgroove is resident DJ at BLENDER club. Dr. Feelgroove has worked alongside household names such as Tube & Berger, Stee Downes, Miguel Campbell, Stefan Biniak, Oliver Dollar, Pretty Pink, Nicone, Sascha Braemer, Alex Ryba, Fabø, Faze Action, Wankelmut, Sven Vath, Jamiroquai, Claptone, Josh Wink, and many others.