I Don’t Mind

Artist: Dr.Feelgroove & Seagullboy a.k.a. Nippletweakaz & Karshana
Label: Ape Tunes
Release Date: 9-11-2015
Genre: House
About New Album

If you don’t know what a nippletweaker is, please ask Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston! Someone has invented this noble job-position and Nippletweakaz have taken their name from there. So, if your nipples are not properly erected, these guys may help. ‘I don’t mind’ is their first single, and it features the beautifull voice of Karshana, who has also worked with Dr.Feelgroove and Seagullboy. This song is something new for the label Ape Tunes – guitars, French feeling and even a solo. Fortunately the deep bass remains, which makes the tune very suitable for any kind of club. Enjoy!

1. I Don't Mind (Radio Version)
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