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Check out this selected track of Dr. Feelgroove and watch its video on Youtube:
Nippletweakaz & Karshana – I don’t mind on Youtube.

Dr. Feelgroove & Friends


Dr.Feelgroove is a DJ and producer and starts mixing music in 1993. Since then music plays key role in his life and parties as well as work in studio are his stage to perform. At the moment Dr.Feelgroove runs his own radio show on Radio NOVA 101.7 FM Sofia – ‘Let’s Be Close’, that runs live on air every Tuesday at 20:00 (18:00 GMT).

The interest of Dr.Feelgroove in club culture is focused mainly on house genre – soulful, funky, afro, latin, jazz etc. Positive and devoted to the entertainment of his audience he turns the latter as a priority of his work. He clearly states this by his music selection and way of mixing diverse sounds putting his own trace.

Dr.Feelgroove has the freedom to play different musical styles and so he presents to his audience an influential combination of house music with melodic sound and lots of power. This can be clearly felt during his club performances, unlike those outside of them, where he brings joy to people with a variety of tracks, defined as eclectic music, trendy and desired by the audience.

Kiril Bakardjiev (a.k.a. Dr. Feelgroove) is born in Sofia and starts mixing music as a hobby. Soon after that it turns into a profession and he starts introducing his sets under the name DJ Kircho (becoming famous and used until 2006) in popular central clubs at this time such as: ‘Escalibur’, ‘Yalta’, ‘Aliby’, ‘Indigo’, ‘Argo’ etc. In the late 90-ties Dr.Feelgroove works with the ‘Metropolis’ movement, and along with it traces the route of the electronic and the club music in Bulgaria.

His active work style combines successfully performance and organisation of huge  parties and studio records. Dr.Feelgroove remixed the single Stereo Room, presented by Maria Ilieva in 2002. In the same year Dr.Feelgroove starts with the programme ‘Fresh Mix’ on the waves of radio Fresh, where he introduces the newest tracks on the world scene for three years. Working in a studio atmosphere Dr.Feelgroove creates his own productions like ‘The Drum Is In Da House’ which stands on the first place in the top 20 of radio Alpha for four weeks and takes leading position in the charts of radio Fresh.

At the end of 2009 Dr.Feelgroove accepted a new challenge and became part of team that stands behind the idea and creation of Culture Beat club. This proved Dr.Feelgroove once again as an innovator and made him the first Bulgarian DJ and producer, who managed to realize his ideas in this direction too.

In 2010 Dr.Feelgroove replaced his popular show on Radio NOVA – ‘6 in the mix’, with a new one – ‘Let’s Be Close’, that is broadcasted directly from the club every Tuesday at 20:00 (18:00 GMT). In order to shorten the distance between audience, music and artist, during 2011-2012 Kiril Bakardjiev broadcasted live from popular night clubs – Culture Beat, Yalta, as well as some other unusual locations to win the audience’s interest and sympathy.

From the end of 2012 till 2016 Dr.Feelgroove is resident DJ at BLENDER club and from 2013 he works with Memento bar chain where he takes care of music and where later on gains residence as a DJ. In 2014-2015, he plays regularly at The Cocktail Bar, Beach Bar by Memento and others.

Kiril Bakardjiev also develops his career as a producer – he has worked with Ape Tunes and recorded several tracks with more vocals and instruments (incl. live) to present new sounds and concepts. Among them are the following: Dr.Feelgroove & Seagullboy feat. Bogdana Mitova – Caffeine, Dr.Feelgroove & Seagullboy – Don’t Do It!, Dr.Feelgroove & Seagullboy feat. Karshana – Turn me on.

One of his latest projects played in Bulgarian media (Box TV, Darik Radio, Radio NOVA) is with Seagullboy (Vasil Rusev) under the name Nippletweakaz in collaboration with Karshana (Geri Turiiska. Check out the video of Nippletweakaz & Karshana – I don’t mind on YouTube.

Dr.Feelgroove’s radio show is broadcasted every Tuesday from 8-9 p.m. on Radio NOVA 101.7FM Sofia and