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Check out this selected track of Dr. Feelgroove and watch its video on Youtube:
Nippletweakaz & Karshana – I don’t mind on Youtube.

Dr. Feelgroove & Friends

Da Drum Is In Da House

Artist: Dr.Feelgroove
Label: Ape Tunes
Release Date: 20-5-2013
Genre: House
About New Album

‘Da drum is in da house’ was the first single by Dr.Feelgroove released back in year 2001. It was one of the initial Bulgarian house tracks to enter the local charts and stayed in top 40 for over 3 months. The song was selected and played by various DJ-s in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia and is considered nowadays a house classic. This is the original version – no remaster, or edit.

1. Da Drum Is In Da House (Radio Version)
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